Quick start:

  1. Register tablet: When you run advertising software at tablets for the first time, you need to register tablet by inputting a unique Username. Once you enter a unique username, and click on Please make sure this Username has never been used and unique, and we suggest you take a meaningful name so that you can tell from each tablet by the usernames. For example, use taxi license as username. Once tablet finishes register, you can check from CMS->Users, and tablets have the role of “Tablet”.
  2. CMS Server Operation: At first, you need understand the Categories of advertising software contains: advertisement and play log, when you create a new advertisement post, you must tick on the categories of advertisement, so that tablets will download them. And the logs that tablet uploading to CMS wil be marked as the category of Play Log.

How to upload a new advertisement:

— Title  :  the name of advertisement, the title can be only seen by administrator from CMS

— Add Media: video file of advertisement, it will be downloaded to tablets. Please note the video name should not include space or non-english character. For example, use My_video.mp4 instead of My video.mp4.

You can upload video files to Media Library in advance, or upload when create a new advertisement. Please note if you choose to upload video files to Media Library, you need to choose LINK TO MEDIA FILE in ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS (at the bottom right of CMS page).

One advertisement entity can contain several video files.

— Scroll text: all inputted text will be displayed one by one as a whole one to be displayed on the tablet pc.

Remember to choose post categories : advertisement, and then press Pulish to publish the advertisement.